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Service Management solutions

Organized processes and efficient execution of orders

Efficient management of the services, orders and complaints

Aura Business Service Management is a business solution for medium and large organizations that want to improve process management and accelerate the execution of orders. It is one of the most flexible service management systems on the Polish market. It fully adapts to the individual requirements of the enterprise. Aura Business SM integrates with every ERP system.

Service Management solutions will bring improvements to your company that affect the speed of order processing as well as the costs associated with them. The flexibility of our solutions allows you to adapt them to the needs of your company. You can use ready-made functionalities or - especially for you - we can create new ones. The Aura Business system consists of Service Management, CRM and E-Commerce solutions - you can combine them freely or choose solutions from only one area. We can also start cooperation with just a few basic solutions and develop them as your needs develop.

As a company, we focus on selling a wide range of products to customers from the B2B channel, therefore we were looking for a tool to improve work and exchange of data. Having the ERP Exact system, which is not a popular system in companies with a similar profile of activity, we had a big problem finding a company providing B2B software with the possibility of integration with our database. Despite our earlier concerns about the possibility of integration, this process went smoothly, enabling us to use the modern functions of the software provided by Questy.

Marcin Kruszewski, Dedra-Exim

Benefits of implementing Aura Business Service Management

Aura Service Management offers many dedicated functions that will help you, among others:

organize and improve order management,

speed up the execution of orders,

control the time spent on carrying out orders,

control your orders budget,

improve communication with contractors and subcontractors,

calculate the profitability of projects, orders and cooperation with contractors,

manage the work of subcontractors,

organize knowledge about customers and serviced products,

manage the work of mobile employees,

build a knowledge database about contractors,

create a knowledge database of serviced devices with accuracy to the serial number,

automatically generate service reports and other templates.

By choosing our Service Management solution, you provide your company with the ability to collect all relevant data in one place. You gain access, among others, to the history of serviced devices, data on contractors or working time recorded by your employees. The functionalities offered as part of the Aura Business system significantly improve the performance of orders. They also facilitate the planning of work - people working stationary, mobile and subcontractors. Service Management solutions will bring huge savings to your company. From the system level, you can manage projects, production orders, complaints, customer support or service contracts. You can also automate the settlement of rentals. We offer all this and much more as part of the Aura Business system!

These are just some of the possibilities of the Aura Business system.

Precise work planning and coordination

Effective profitability management of orders

Improved order processing

Improved communication


Service Management — selected features

  • Order management
  • Application for managing orders
  • Service technician management
  • Management of subcontractors' work
  • Full history of serviced devices
  • Orders budget management
  • Service Contract Management
  • Management of any types of orders
  • Work time registration
  • Project management
  • Automatic rental settlement
  • Advanced permission management
  • Customer support management

Aura Business Service Management is a dedicated system and we can expand it for you with any functionalities.


Aura Business E-Commerce system enables multi-channel sales through a number of proven and efficient integrations at many levels, in various areas, automating and optimizing important business processes.

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and other ERP class solutions

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Aura Business is supporting Polish enterprises for over 10 years. Aura Business is a product of the Poznań company Questy, existing on the market since 2002.

Today, Questy has made several hundred successful implementations of the Aura Business system in small, medium and large enterprises in Poland.

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