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A methodology for effective deployment

To achieve the most benefits, the Aura Business system should be adapted in a manner appropriate to the specifics of the client's business. A smooth deployment process requires translating business processes into a user-friendly configuration. The deployment of the Aura Business system is carried out using the best practices proposed by the PRINCE2 and / or Agile methodologies. Thanks to this, together with the client we can quickly determine the most satisfying project results, and then strive for a clearly described common goal.

A dedicated CRM system for large organizations

What our Customers are saying

„Due to the professionalism and commitment of Questy, the deployment process went very smoothly. We are impressed by the vast knowledge and commitment of Questy's employees to make the system fully tailored to both our and our clients' needs.”
Aura Business - system deployment for METAL-FACH.
Marta Marculewicz, METAL-FACH Technika Grzewcza

1. Requirements analysis

During meetings with our clients, we present them the capabilities of the Aura Business system and gather knowledge about their individual needs. The purpose of the analysis is to systematize customers' expectations of the Aura Business system, required functions and usage procedures. The works during the analysis are carried out in a systematic way. This stage ends with submitting the client a dedicated offer of the system deployment.

Pre-implementation analysis of dedicated solution
Designing a custom solution system

2. Solution design

After concluding a contract, our Project Manager, together with the client, determines the course of business processes supported by the system, advises effective solutions and translates business expectations into a description of IT solutions. This stage of cooperation ends with the approval of the documentation, which contains a description of the results (products) of the project.

3. System implementation and integration with other systems

In this phase, we implement everything that is needed to provide the client with the desired results - we install, configure, program, test, integrate - leading to the creation of a working prototype of the system, consistent with previous arrangements. As part of this stage, we integrate data on: customer data, classification, product lists, information on past sales, information materials, document templates, correspondence forms and others. We configure additional reports as required by the organization. We also launch a mechanism of data exchange between the Aura Business system and other systems used in the enterprise.

Implementation of a custom solution system
Training employees on the custom solution system

4. Training

At this stage, we implement training courses agreed upon with the client for regular users, key users or system administrators - to ensure that the staff will be ready for its effective operation. The trainings take place on a system configured in accordance with the client's requirements, after importing their data to reflect the conditions of daily work.

5. System startup and early support

Immediately after completing the training, the system is started up, and the client begins its daily operation. Naturally, in the initial period of using the system, we support the client with direct assistance.

Launching the custom solution system
Maintenance and development of the custom solution system

6. System maintenance and development

After completing the system deployment, we are going into service support mode - we provide the client with measurable parameters for assessing cooperation at this stage and provide services related to the development of the system in accordance with the client's requirements.


Aura Business E-Commerce system enables multi-channel sales through a number of proven and efficient integrations at many levels, in various areas, automating and optimizing important business processes.

  • SAP
  • Streamsoft
  • IFS
  • Exact
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Impuls ERP
  • Humansoft CORAX
  • enova365
  • Symfonia ERP
  • Comarch ERP XL
  • Comarch ERP Optima
  • Navireo
  • Subiekt GT
  • WAPRO Mag

and other ERP class solutions

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Aura Business has been supporting Polish businesses for over 20 years. Aura Business is a product of Questy, a Poznań-based company that has been operating in the market since 2002.

Today, Questy has hundreds of successful implementations of the Aura Business system for small, medium, and large enterprises in Poland.

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